One Voice

Written by: James Dankert
Billy's Live Bait
One Voice


And I, I was married in the town where I was born
And the rain, it pooled in the fields around the farm
And her, the dust in her hair and my kid in her arms
I bent early, one night in the winds of a silent storm

My skin in her mother's hands
Dishsoap and a wedding band
One voice, it only speaks so loud here

And Bobby, under the awning to shake the sun
He says listen, on the hottest day when it's dead and calm
And the sound is like a freight train rolling through
And the rain, when it stops you'll know what's coming through

Don't fill his head with that
The boy's only two and a half
One voice, it only speaks
To call your name
And to take you out
Past the dirt gray fields and miles of telephone lines

And three, it was three long years ago
And five, five years comes sometime after four
And I, I dunked my head in the stream and prayed
And the water, it listened but it don't carry away
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